Flora Botanical Incense Case Study

A plant-based, all-natural incense brand positions itself for launch with premium, eco-friendly branding

The Challenge

Adularescence came to us as a fast-growing brand of curated crystal products. Their primary sales channel was through Instagram, specifically live shopping events that leveraged beautiful staging of their hand-picked product line. 

They were ready to expand their horizons with a new, high-end look that captured their whimsical taste, creating a memorable brand and new packaging experience that would elevate the overall brand experience. They also wanted to revamp their Squarespace ecommerce site to a more robust, easy to use Shopify ecommerce site.

The Solution

Our first thought was to lean into and expand on the gorgeous and highly cohesive photography style of their current Instagram account, which had garnered over 40,000 followers already. The pastel tones and whimsical compositions were very fairy-tale like, and so after several iterations we decided on the mermaid logomark as the perfect iconic representation.

Using pastel gradients and gold foil, we then designed a new packaging experience and a brand new Shopify site, complete with upsell/cross-sell options and private listings to integrate seamlessly with their live sale events.

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